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About Our Education Sheets

Where we have researched aspects of the Victorian and Edwardian history of Malton we have summarised this in one of our 'Education Sheets'. We have also included transcriptions from reports in the local newspapers covering significant items of interest as these tell us what the towns were like in this period. Wherever possible we quote our sources at the bottom of each Education Sheet. All information is correct to the best of our knowledge. You are free to use this information in your private research. If you want to use it for any other purpose please contact us. We are always pleased to hear from those who have knowledge about the history of Malton or Norton - so do please get in touch.

01 Malton Cemetery The Malton Cemetery opened in late 1859. Where were people buried before that? How can you find out who is buried there?
02 Dentists Thomas Blanche told Malton in 1870 that he 'is now prepared to operate under the influence of Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas'
03 The Floods No just a recent thing but something Malton people and businesses have had to sope with for many years.
04 The Dispensary Malton's poor could get medical help on an outpatient basis from The Dispensary
05 Malton In and About 1840 Reminisces printed in the Yorkshire Gazette late in 1907 and follow-up correspondence
06 The Railway The Victorians had 'Railway Mania'. It changed the lives of Maltonians but some were not convinced this was for the good.
07 The Manure Company The first place in Malton to have 'the electric light'. Unpleasant odours but a good investment!
08 Biscuits The first biscuit mill burned down. The second could make 8 to 12 tons of biscuits a week but was not a commercial success.
09 Malton Institute The object of the Institute was to promote the diffusion of useful knowledge among the working classes, by the establishment of a library, by occasional lectures, and by the instruction in the practical branches of art and science
10 Worship Religious beliefs were a large part of Victorian life and in the mid-19th Century Maltonians had a choice of 9 or 10 churches/chapels at which to worship.
11 Malton Iron Foundries Essential businesses for the surrounding agricultural area.
12 The Lodge Now a hotel, but once the home of Earl Fitwilliam's agents, and with an interesting tale of a family feud.
13 Malton Co-operative Society The roots of the Co-operative Movement lie with the Rochdale Pioneers in the mid 1840s. Malton may well have been a comparatively late starter in 1885 (a society was formed in Settrington in 1874)
14 Smallpox Despite the risk to life of non-vaccination, many people were opposed to the concept and it was not until the middle of the 19th century that the government passed laws that made vaccination compulsory. People in Malton had something to say about this!
15 Population and Health Statistics Population trends in Victorian times and the answer to why Norton grew more quickly than Malton
17 Infectious Diseases The usual result of bad housing, over-crowding, and dirt is the spread of infectious diseases.
18 Consumption The total deaths from tuberculous disease in the Malton Urban District from 1891 to 1908 amount to 210, the total deaths from all other forms of infectious disease amounting to only 30!
19 The Sanitary State of Malton 1854 It is perhaps difficult to imagine Malton without a system of sewage disposal, without drains and without a water supply other than pumps around the town; add to that no pavements and the overcrowding of housing – but that is exactly how it was!
20 Malton Cottage Hospital Opened by Countess Fitzwilliam on Friday 18th August, 1905. Prior to this time, in cases of serious injury, persons had to be conveyed to York before their injuries could be properly attended to. It had an operating theatre, electric light installed as well as gas
21 Cholera Again insanitary conditions did not help contain thius disease, necessitating the board of health to issue a warning
22 Milling The mills were long establshed businesses in Malton, but did you know there was once a windmill in Middlecave?
23 Photographers From the mid-1850s Maltonians could have their photograph taken.
24 Gas The streets were lit with gas lamps from November 1832. The Malton Gas Company was a very successful enterprise.
25 Electricity In 1893 the Malton Farmers' Manure Company became the first enterprise to use electricity. In 1905 the street lamps were first lit by electricity, but general domestic use came a lot later.
26 Sport There were clubs and teams for most sports in the town and Malton produced a number of 'champions'.
28 Malton and Norton Cinemas The amazing spectacle of moving pictures, and later talking ones too, meant that both Norton and Malton had to have a cinema!.
29 Talbot Hotel A rather grand hunting lodge that became an inn on the route from Leeds to Scarborough and hosted local events for the gentry and wealthy of the town.
30 Telephone Sir Alexander Graham Bell secured a UK patent for his telephone late in 1876. However, it was 1903 before a telephone exchange was opened at Malton and 1908 before the fire station was connected to it.
31 The River Once the lifeblood of trade in the town the importance of the river faded fast with the advent of the railway.
32 The Workhouse Before the 'welfare state' this was the place where those unable to support themselves or their families could be 'looked after'. Workhouses in general in Victorian times were ruled by the 'Guardians' and the master with a firm grip - was the Malton Workhouse any different?
33 The Malton Gala A long running annual event with prizes for plants, vegetables and animals shown. Balloon ascents, musical and other entertainments!
37 Freemasonry A lodge of Freemasons was established in Malton in January 1856 with early meetings being held at the Talbot Hotel
38 Friendly Societies A popular movement with tradesmen and the working class whereby each member paid a small subscription and should they become ill, be unable to work or die, then benefits would be paid.
39 First World War Great Britain declared war on Germany at 11pm on August 4th 1914. What happened next is well described in other sources. But what happened in Malton?.
40 Charles Dickens and Malton Learn why the famous author visited Malton
41 Malton In Olden Times Some reminisces abot the town, businesses and customs recorded in 1922
43 Fitch & Co A large and successful drapers and house furnishers that lived on after the death of its proprietor
44 Longsters The Longster family over many years developed a successful nursery, seed and floristry business. They initiated the Malton Gala, opened their grounds next to the Derwent to the public in the summer months and acquired the significant business of Messrs. J. Slater & Sons
45 Fire Brigade The local fire brigade covered not only the town, but also a wide rural area. Imagine summoning the fire brigade without telephones and then having the challenges of a horse drawn vehicle and limited access to water!
46 Malton Adult School The Society of Friends in the town established educational facilities for the working class who 'missed out' in their earlier years
47 Sebastopol Cannon The British decided to send cannons captured in the Sebastopol siege and related battles to many British towns and Malton gained one of these.
48 War Memorial The war memorial at the end of Yorkersgate was unveiled on Sunday, 13th March 1921 but there are other memorials in the town.

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